Busy Weekend

Hi World!

Definitely need to update this blog more often! While stuffing myself full of turkey, I also had a plenty busy weekend with photo and video shoots! It was a blast all around though! 

It started off with a beautifully cute engagement video session with some close friends Jason and Huyen! I couldn't wait to work on the video so I had to make a teaser to contain my excitement! Check out the video below: 

Then shot some wedding video with Kappaco Films (no footage to show!)

On Monday however I had 2 shoots, one with the fantastic Rachael M, and the a cute family session with a great family!

The beautiful & talented Rachael M! She's awesome!

Sam! She was a bundle of fun with the Toys! Can't wait to show the rest of the awesome shoot!

Laurelle and Dustin & New Look

First off, welcome to the new website! At the time of this writing, the website is currently under construction, but at the same time we just couldn't wait to have it up and running so it's up! But there is still a lot of work to go. So thanks for visiting and look forward to when the website is finished. 

Laurelle & Dustin

This has been hands down one of my favorite weddings ever. When I got asked by Laurelle & Dustin to be apart of their special day I was honoured. These guys make a incredibly cute couple and their entire day was a blast from the minute it started. Once again, congratulations Laurelle & Dustin! Best wishes and to a happy and fruitful marriage!

Alan - Insomniak Media


laurelle & dustin